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Saturday, 5 September 2015


Photo credits: USA Gymnastics

2015 Colorado State champion, Adeline Sabados, has committed to the Auburn Tigers today, as per a release from
The Colorado Aerials team member, who has only just started at high school, was eleventh at last year's U.S. Challenge as a HOPES Elite. In addition, she moved up to Level 10 last year and finished 33rd at Nationals. 

As always, we talk about starting them young in the recruiting process and Sabados clearly fits that bill as she is scheduled to join the Tigers in the 2019-20 incoming class! Wow, that is a long time!

In the mean time, we hope that she continues to do well as a club gymnast. 


Photo credits: Red & Black
As predicted, former Georgia Gym Dog gymnast Kiera Brown has moved to the Penn State Nittany Lions team following her dismissal from the Gym Dogs. 

Brown, a graduate of Woodside High School, was booted off the Gym Dogs team after this past season due to "violating of team rules" - reported by the school's publication, Red & Black

Many speculated that Brown would move away from the team and start again out at Penn State as they had an open scholarship for this upcoming 2016 season. This gossip was confirmed true when the Newport News native, who trained at World Class Gymnastics, was listed on the 2016 roster on the team's site, updated just yesterday.

Let's hope she can stay out of trouble and contribute to the Nittany Lions as much as she did with the Gym Dogs!

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

COLLEGE: MUHLENHAUPT SWITCHES TO BOISE STATE announced today that former elite and Level 10 gymnast, Emily Muhlenhaupt, has changed her commitment to the Boise State Broncos team from the renowned Utah Red Rocks. 

Muhlenhaupt, a junior, announced her commitment to the Utah Red Rocks team in late 2013; as a freshman. Since then the former elite gymnast had stayed committed to the program. 

However, it was announced that the Castle High School student is now switching commitment to the Boise State Broncos. From now on, the 2017 graduate is committed to the Broncos and should sign for them next year. 


UCLA junior and 2012 British Olympian, Jennifer Pinches, has announced her medical retirement today through the UCLA Bruins official site. 

Pinches, who competed on floor only this season, has been hampered with wrist injuries that have prevented training throughout the 2014-15 season. Although she has retired, Pinches will remain on the Bruins team as as an Undergraduate Assistant Coach. 

UCLA Athletics reported;

“Jen has been amazing for us in every way,” said Valorie Kondos Field. “It will be sad not to have her training and competing because she has a great competitive spirit. But she has already proven to be priceless in her new non-competitive role this summer by helping the freshmen acclimate to college life as a student-athlete.”

“After retiring from elite gymnastics in 2012, I rediscovered my passion for the sport, so despite this turn of events, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to perform again, on the NCAA stage,” Pinches said. “It’s upsetting to have to really say goodbye to competing this time, but the best decision has been made for my long-term health. I’ve loved every second of my journey with this inspirational team of Bruins, who are more like family to me now, and it’s not all over yet, as I’m looking forward to seeing what I can offer in my new role as an undergraduate assistant coach. I’d like to say the biggest thank you to everyone who has made my gymnastics career possible. I couldn’t have done it alone.”

What a shame but we wish Jenni all the best of luck in the future!


Clausi to Cal Golden Bears
Daughter of 1988 Olympian, Missy Marlowe, and former elite qualifier, Milan Clausi, has committed to the Cal Golden Bears gymnastics program; reported. 

Clausi, who has just started tenth grade, trains at USA Gym World in Woods Cross, Utah, under the tutelage of her mother and former elite gymnast and American Idol alumnus, Kyle Khou. A prominent figure on the J.O. scene, Milan first qualified to Level 10 in 2012 and qualified to her first J.O. Nationals in 2013; finishing fiftieth. 

Later in 2013, she advanced to HOPES Elite and finished third at the U.S. Challenge. In 2014, she didn't advance to J.O. Nationals but, however, competed at the American Classic as a Junior Elite; placing thirty-second. This year, Milan was the State champion and was ninth at Regionals. She advanced to J.O. NIT and was third at the competition. 

Clausi, whose father was a football player for the University of Utah, announced her commitment to Cal on Saturday; through At present, she is the only committed gymnast for the program for the 2018-19 recruiting class. 

Personally, I am surprised that she didn't choose the Utah Red Rocks team since both her parents' alma maters are that school; especially as her mother competed for the same team. However, if she does eventually choose Cal, she will succeed at that program too!

Monday, 31 August 2015


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Anyways, I am to post as soon as possible and keep my new readers in the loop of all the going-ons in the gym world!

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